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Baby Vegetables

Baby Vegetables.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!  I hope that those around you surround you with love today!

I always try to remember all the aunts and godmothers too..regardless of whether they are “moms” or not!  They do many of the same things and deserve the love as well!  My best friend is my daughter’s Godmother…she is the best!  Always encouraging her creativity and always, ALWAYS loving her!  :-)  I have some fantastic aunts as well…one isn’t a mom..but she should have been..she would have been an AWESOME mom!  She is an AWESOME aunt!  :-)  I have one that is more like a sister, we are so close in age (she was only 10 when I was born) that we really were more like sisters!  I love her more than I could ever tell her!  :-)

Now don’t get me wrong..there are loads more…my point is to remember all of those wonderful ladies that make an impact on your life!  Moms or not!

Have a Blessed one!  Love you all!

Why I stay at home!

Making new friends...learning new things! Intro to pigs 101

How many times have I (or you) heard the question: “what do you do all day?” or the statement: “I’d go crazy if I had to stay home all day with my kids!”

Yeah, a thousand times..right? I put together a few pictures to show why I stay at home….and love it!

 12th Birthday..the Chocolate Fountain! :-)
Science Fair…we do that too! Got Gas? told people about the natural gas industry..where her dad works!
Fire Pit time…perfect way to end a Fall day!

Freedom to pursue her dreams! Our future Chef!

Why yes, we do have a "prom" Its a Masquarade Ball with our homeschool families!

Easter...Celebrated with love and family and God! and of course...gotta have Easter eggs! YUM!

First Barn Dance with our Homeschool group!The Horse Races....

Birthdays are celebrated with all our homeschool family!

Ahhh..how plans change! God is still in control!

Well, we are still not on the road, in fact, my dear husband is home with us right now..nursing an injury. Not long before we were to go on the road with him, he got his thumb caught between a t-post and the driver..multiple stitches and a skin graft, restricted one hand duty and he’s still under dr care, but it is improving and hopefully by the first of the year (or there abouts) we will be ready to go back to work! He is ready! :-)
Life keeps throwing us challenges..God lifts us up and gets us through them.

The Hillbilly’s are on the road…

Well, almost!  :-)  We are hitting the road in Nov.  Those of you that have followed my blog know that the last few years have really been rough.  To wrap them up…tornado..new house..new business venture, bad economy, failed business venture, repossession of new house…yep, that about sums it up.  Now, my dear husband is working on the natural gas pipeline and we (me and the kids) will take to the road with him in Nov.

separation of the family stinks..big time!  :-(  It doesn’t work for us…so since we home school, the kids and I will be going with him.

For me, I’m excited..I’ve always wanted to travel out of our podunk little town..see the world so to speak…

For the kids, they are a little apprehensive…leaving what’s familiar..their friends, etc.  It’s a little rough..but they miss their daddy something terrible..so they are for it…just having a bit of trouble overcoming their anxieties!

Hubby?  He can’t wait..he’s lonely…and doesn’t like doing all the things I do..cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.  LOL!

So, it’s off on a new adventure..with God by our sides..who knows what we will discover!

Looking back over the last few years, I can see places where I stumbled..felt that there was NO way we’d overcome this obstacle..but now, I can see where God lifted us up…and helped us through..so many answered prayers..not always the way we wanted..but answered all the same.

Faith..it’s a wonderful and mystical thing…and I’m blessed by it everyday!  Are you?


So have you Cleaned your house yet?

Yep, told you I’d be back!

So, now, after reading the last article….how clean is your house?  If you still have those toxic cleaning chemicals in your house, then you need to clean house!

Start here:

Your kitchen…the place of germs and bacteria.  Ditch the tile cleaner, the soft scrub stuff, the disinfectant and use this..just TRY it for a week!  You’ll be amazed!

Sinks?  Clean them with a soft paste made with baking soda and warm water…scrub them good with it..got them covered with the paste?  now, give them a good dousing of plain ole white vinegar..watch it bubble and fizz away the stains and germs.  Lemon juice will work just as well as the vinegar.

Rinse clean with warm/hot water.  This works on all sink types.

Tough stains that didn’t come out?  Use one of those white eraser sponges…the cheap ones work fine will make things sparkle!!

Counter tops?  A spray of white vinegar, a few drops of lavender, tea tree oil or orange oil will clean, disinfect and freshen them right up!  Again, tough stains can be tackled with an eraser sponge.

Stoves?  The same paste you used for the sinks..it won’t scratch them and wipes off clean with a damp rag…don’t pour the vinegar on the stove though!  That would be a bit messy!  You can use the eraser sponge there as well.

Murphy’s oil soap is the ONLY cleaning thing I have in the house, next to the dish soap.  I use it on all my floors, vinyl and hardwood.  I don’t have carpet..but if I did, I’d use a good bagless vacumm…yuck..carpet!  Do you know the yuck that’s under yours??  :-(  But I digress..another topic altogether!

Your spray you made works for any of your other kitchen surfaces…just spray and wipe!  Clean, disinfected(naturally) and you and your family will breathe easier!

Next time…the bathroom!!!  :-)



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