Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year.  As for me and my family, the Christmas season has been a little rough. 

 My beloved grandmother had a heart attack just days before Christmas..we thought we had lost her.  She was airlifted out of our local hospital on a ventilator. 

However, our prayers were answered and she has survived this attack, collapsed lung and now has a new stint in place.   She is home now and slowly recovering.  She is 81 yrs old.

My grandmother means the world to me and often I feel that I don’t have the time to spend a day with her…until now.  I was brought up short when I realized that I only have a short time left with her.  I owe her my time.  She raised me, she was there when I needed a mother, a shoulder to cry on, and always a hug.

She was there when my kids were born, she was there when I needed a sitter, or when I needed a day off!  🙂

 Now, she is an invalid, unable to fix her meals and care for herself.  She is living with my uncle, her oldest son.  However, he is a VP of our local bank and my aunt is a school teacher.  So beginning next week, the kids and I will be giving back to the woman that has done so much for me.  We will be spending our days out there with her, taking care of her and keeping her company. 

I’ll take my sewing machine and projects with me..and the kids school work.  So if I don’t answer emails until evening, please don’t be concerned..I won’t have my internet out there, so all business will be processed after I get home in the evenings and have the kids feed. 

 It’s the least I can do for a woman that has ALWAYS been there for me!  Please be patient as we adjust to a new schedule and I work through what I know will be many time conflicts!  🙂

 I know that she is only here a short time longer and the time I spend with her now is more precious to me than ever before!


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