Life gets in the Way!

You know the adage?  “Life gets in the way!” or how about “The best laid plans”?

I can relate to both.  In the span of 2 weeks, I have moved my sewing studio 2 times.  I have struggled to keep up with 2 kids, orders and my sweet 81 yr old grandma.  I have failed miserably to keep up with anything!  LOL!

I have however, spent some wonderful quality time with my grandmother!  She raised me and is fighting congestive heart failure.  My time with her is short, but it is good.

I have watched my children learn more about their family history, about compassion, selflessness, and love.  They have learned to help others and have really enjoyed their daily time with their Great-grandma.  How many kids get that?

But, for now, I have my sewing studio back home.  My grandma is feeling better, so she doesn’t want someone “inconvenienced” on her account.  LOL!  She has never been an inconvenience, but she feels that asking me to come stay with her in the daytime is a burden to me.  It is not, but it’s an argument that I’ll never win with her.  So for now, we are back to 1 day a week, maybe two that we will go visit with we did before she got sick.

The kids were disappointed with this..they had their school stuff out there, toys, and grandma..what more could they want?  🙂

Me, I have mixed feelings..I worry daily about her..she is the reason I’m where I’m at today.  I know I have to respect her wishes on being independent, but I will still call and check on her daily.

 On the other side, I will get caught up on laundry, my orders, the kids clothes and my errands in town…hmm…I think I liked it better with Grandma!  LOL!

 If you are ever in a position to care for an elderly relative…cherish that time!  They have so much to share..if we will just sit and listen.  They still have much love to give, if we will just accept, and they have their please don’t take it away!



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