Sick Kids, So fun!

Well, this week has been fun!  NOT!

 Have you ever noticed how fast kids get cabin fever when they can’t go anywhere?  It’s like a stoplight says “GO! Start Nagging MOM!”  It is really uncanny how fast they can get bored! 

 I love my kids, I home-school my kids..they are home all the time..but all of a sudden, when they are sick and find out they can’t go to scouts or church or do anything with large crowds of people..they are bored!  It’s not that they are lacking things to do..we have magnetix, various sizes, shapes, and quantities of Lego’s, movies out the wazoo, dolls out the wazoo..puzzles, board games, Rescue Heroes, drum sets, a piano, a sewing machine for daughter..drawers full of various craft items..

 Yet, doctor says “Stay home and don’t spread your germs” and BAM! They are bored..nothing to

Yet the mere mention of school work of any sort..and all of a sudden, they don’t FEEL good!  Their throats suddenly become flaming infernos (can they have a Popsicle?), they are tired (can they watch the newest release?) ,  will mom heat their snuggly corn bags?  Can they have another blanket?

 And if mom pushes the issue and actually mentions something like, say, DISHES…well, now I’ve done it!  They are dying..mortally ill, critically injured..yada, yada, yada. 

What was I thinking?  How could I expect them to possibly do anything?  Guess they will just have to be BORED!  LOL!

 Just a note,..they have colds, nothing major…just enough to make them whine! 

 Now, Daddy is coming down with it…hmmm..that would be a post all in itself..since we know what big babies dads can be! 


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