My Daughter is 12!

Well, actually, she will be 12 tomorrow (Feb 27).  I can’t believe my baby girl is so grown up!  She is sewing, jewelry making, and turning into a lovely young lady.  I am SO proud of her!

But, it seems like just yesterday..she was a tiny first…I was so afraid I wouldn’t do something right..I had that new parent syndrome BAD! LOL!

Now, she is so smart and is growing so fast…I’d be lost without her!  She is one of my best friends and I can talk to her when no one else wants to hear about the newest doll outfit, or the fabric sale, or the newest idea I’ve come up with!   She has great ideas and has contributed quite a lot to my business.

Now, with her birthday, she will be taking over the smaller items, as her sewing has passed my inspection time and time again and her skills are rapidly beginning to rival mine!  🙂  She is making almost all of her doll clothes now and is ready to start learning more complicated skills.  She has also taken to teaching a few of her friends how to sew as well.

 As a grown-up, she is going to make a fine mother and homemaker…anything else she decides to do will be done with as much talent and passion as she uses now!  I can’t wait to see what she does, …oh wait,..yes I can wait…I don’t want her to grow up too fast!  I’ll blink one day and she’ll be walking down the aisle…, how time flys! 

My baby girl is 12 tomorrow…and my baby boy turned 8 back in Nov….I wish they’d slow down just a bit!  LOL! 


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