Kittens! Kittens!

We have Kittens!  Imagine my surprise when the kids ran back into the house this morning and announce that Serafina (Megan’s cat) had 2 babies!  I went with them to look, only to find that sure enough, that white fuzz-ball (my affectionate nickname for her) had 2 spotted fuzz-balls! LOL! 

Imagine the wonder on the kids faces as she proceeded to have another right before their eyes!  LOL!

 So, now we have 3 healthy, squeaky, spotted kittens and a very good momma and a very proud owner (Megan, not me!)

She had them in a box on the front porch..and once these kittens are big enough to wean..momma is taking a trip to the vets office!  :-0

I know, I know..should have already done that, but my bad…ah, well.

 Guess we’ve had our science class today..and we haven’t even had breakfast yet!  ROFLOL!  Now, off to make chocolate gravy!  🙂  YUM!


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