Homeschooling Resources

***Updated Post!  We are now finished homeschooling.  Both kids have completed high school.  The oldest is starting her Junior year in college!  Time has flown by and it’s been a great journey.  While we may be done, I’m still a HUGE advocate for homeschooling and for Unschooling.  I’ve updated the below list to include resources that we discovered with our son through his high schooling journey.  ***

We are now in our 8th year of homeschooling.  Over the years, I have collected a variety of websites that offer various things for homeschoolers.

I haven’t used all of these, and cannot vouch for them all, but since the homeschooling community varies so much, I kept the references.  I have given this list to so many over the years, that I decided to post it here in hopes that it will help some of you that are just venturing into the land of homeschooling..or to give some of you veterans something new to explore!

This list is by no means an exhaustive list..there is just so much out there..but these caught my eye at one time or another…so enjoy!  🙂

I haven’t checked some of the links lately..but most are well established long term sites.  They span preschool and up..everything from arts and crafts to math, reading and science.  If you do find a link that is no longer working, post me a comment so that I can remove it!

ONLINE-UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES!  These were some favorites for our techie, welding, metal working, inquisitive son.  — there is so much to learn here.  Our son has learned/is still learning blacksmithing, knife making, electrical, auto repair, welding, construction, science.  You name it, you can probably learn it here.
SECULAR/GENERIC RESOURCES– a great resource for crafts! You can register as a teacher if you are homeschooling and have access to thousands of crayola craft ideas! My kids love these! These are great for preschool/early elementary and work well with unschooling!– An excellent resource for all homeschoolers, but especially those new to the homeschooling front! This is an excellent resource for Latin, Greek and others! — math resources —assorted book publishers…check prices at other sites! They can be a bit higher cost here – This is a popular math program for visual learners…we looked at it, but decided to go even more hands on

Protestant Resources: An excellent resource for all kinds of books,learning toys, and more!! Great prices and reasonable shipping.  THIS HAS AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR EDUCATIONAL TOYS AND PRESCHOOL ITEMS!

http://www.abeka.comBible based full scope curriculum. Covers Prek through High School, they even have video programs I believe. Christian based curriculum..not very familiar with it. they have a great set of preschool books!! This is a Mennonite based program, very gentle and wholesome. Excellent preschool program..I wasn’t happy with the science for the older grades some excellent resources here they have a great book for organizing school, home, chores, etc, if only I had time to read it all! -(

Catholic Homeschool Resources: very thorough, but can be a little overwhelming and can be expensive, used curriculum can be found at the yahoo group cathswap.

This is a large group (over 2000) families, so most catholic books can be found at a used price here. catholic site for book reviews, resources and more! excellent site for catholic moms!

http://www.chcweb.comexcellent curriculum and great free items as well. This is a comprehensive yet gentle program from prek to high school.  Very  faithful to the Church. excellent resources Great resources, activities and inspirations a great resource for modest clothing and the teaching of the church on modesty, you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy this site!


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