Unschooling, Homeschooling, Public School? How do they learn?

I am an unschooler!  *GASP* How on earth can my kids learn anything without “Formal” education?  Can they add, subtract, multiply and divide?  Can they READ??? Can they spell, write and do they know anything about the outside world????

The answer…YES! to all and they do it very well!  🙂 Thank you!

Our society has been indoctrinated by the public school system..we have been taught that the only way a child can learn anything from social skills on down is to be herded into classrooms with only other kids their age, forced to “work’ at a very young age, indoctrinated into what is acceptable at what age, forced to memorize page after page of meaningless facts, and yet they criticize anyone who does it differently!

Now, don’t get me wrong here, some kids come out of public school and really excel.  They do exceptionally well all the way through school and beyond.  But many more don’t. 

The reason?  Every kid learns differently.  Mine learn really well with unschooling, while the next child needs more structure and the next child excels at only certain subjects, so they will span several grades at once. 

Why?  Some kids are naturally curious, and have a desire to learn.  They simply need supervision and occasional guidance and help.  Others struggle with staying on task, or have processing problems. 

The point is:  Every child is different.  Each one should be taught accordingly. 

So next time you run across a homeschooler…don’t be shocked..be amazed!  They are taking the education field to whole new levels..levels the public schools will never reach I’m afraid. 

Homeschoolers aren’t weird, (well some of us are), religious nuts (well, some of us are and some of us are just adamant about sticking to our beliefs in an unholy world), and we definitely aren’t unsocialized! 

Most homeschoolers participate in sports or church activities, 4-H, community projects, home businesses, art classes, music lessons, swim teams, dance and gymnastics, traveling with family, exchange programs and much more.  They are some of the brightest, most articulate kids I’ve ever met. 

Believe me, Homeschooling is very, VERY COOL!  And YES! They learn everyday and are ready for the real world..because they don’t leave it for 8 hrs every day..they LIVE in it..they stay there!


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