Late night Rambling!

Well, the kids are off to sleep, the last load of laundry is finishing and DH has just gone to bed.  The house is quite and I sat pondering the weekends activities and the news I’ve been listening to. 

*Sigh*  The news makes me tired…I mean, every night, every morning, it’s the same thing..higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher unemployment rate, crime, religious conflicts, war and politics (not necessarily in that order). 

Politics..who do you vote for when there’s no one to vote for???  I don’t believe Obama is as sincere or capable as he once appeared to be.  McCain…well, we won’t go there…it’s just WRONG! 

Hilary Clinton…why do women think they need to be liberated?  Why would a women want the job of President?  WHY would you vote for her???  I believe in my heart the lady is EVIL…you know, bad, stinky, smelling of fire and brimstone evil.  Yeah, ….that kind.  Ah, but who am I to say? 

My vote?  I don’t know…maybe some green tree there one running this year?? LOL!

Here in our town we have a church..called Bible Believers…certified nuts if you ask me..they stand on the street corner and shout scripture, they pass out tracts that condem Catholics, Santa Claus and probably the Easter Bunny.  Their biggest preach?  The end of times…..I wonder sometimes…could all those nuts be right…in a vague kind of way? 

Ok, no I’m not a nut..yes…I’ve read my Bible…I don’t think you can take everything literally..otherwise we’d have 7 headed monsters coming from the bowels of the earth and flying horses and spirits everywhere…the mental image is enough to scare the pants off you!  :-0

However, I do think our world is in peril…enviromental, economically, and definitely spiritually.  More and more I see the evidence that man is rejecting God..taking things into his own hands…we all know that doesn’t work for long.

We are destroying our enviroment, our economy is taking a lick that I believe will lead to a 2nd depression..the likes of which we can only imagine…regardless of what the economists say.

So where does that leave you and I?  Well, at soul-searching crossroads.  We must take each day that God gives us and trust in him to help us make the right choices in all things we do.  Sounds easy?  Try it! LOL!  After all, we are only human! 

Save our enviroment and your health…drive less, walk more.  Use cloth napkins instead of paper, use reusable water bottles instead of throw aways, use cloth grocery bags instead of paper or plastic.  Build a compost bin if you have room, grow a few veggies, turn off the lights and the TV and enjoy the family…TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES! 


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