Car Seat’s NOT just for babies!

Did you know that car seats are NOT just for babies?  Nope!  They are definitely for Big Kids as well!  Why?  Because they are still little kids..because we love them, because it’s the law..

Car Seats and Booster Seats now cover children from birth to approximately 4′ 9″ and 100 lbs.  Yes, that puts them still in at least a booster past Kindergarten..yes, they may still be in some sort of car seat at 8 yrs old.

Mine son anyway.  He is 8 yrs old, weighs approx 64 lbs and is about 4 feet tall.  He still has some growing before he is tall enough to sit in a regular seat and the seat belt fit him safely.  Of course, we drive a Suburban, so the seats are a bit deeper and larger, but still, I have the peace of mind that he is buckled in safely and correctly.

Our daughter is 12, 5 ft tall and about 120 lbs.  She fits quite nicely in the regular seat.

There are numerous sites for you to read to educate yourself on the importance of correctly used car seats.  Here are a few:

These are just a few, but you get the point!  It’s IMPORTANT!  Read about it! Educate yourself!  Ask local police and insurance offices!  Research on the net!  Just take the time to learn…it could save your child’s life!

I also recommend the Britax company for the BEST car seats in my humble opinion!  We used a previous version of the Britax Regent for 5 yrs.. when it expired, we opted to go with the Britax Marathon Booster.

Our son has loved his Regent (it was called a Husky and then a Super Elite in previous models, ours was a Husky).  It featured a top tether (that I had to have our vehicles retrofitted for), a 5 point harness up to 80 pounds..comfortable, big and cozy.  He likes his Marathon now, but misses being in his Husky!  The marathon is a booster only..with a width adjustment on the seat portion and a height adjustment on the back to grow with him.  Had he been younger/smaller, I would have bought the Regent again.  But he will outgrow any of them in just a year or two (only 9 inches left).

Oh wait, I mentioned that his car seat had EXPIRED!  Did you know that????  Most people don’t!  A Car Seat is really only good for 6 yrs..then it NEEDS to be replaced.  In that time, things have been exposed to heat, sun, UV Rays, and lots of stress..the older the seat gets, the greater the risk of it failing in a serious accident.  How to tell?  Check the labels on your seat..find the manufacture date..was it made more than 6 yrs ago?  If so, toss it!  No, not in the yard sale..cut the straps out, and literally toss it in the garbage..or see if your local recycle center will take the plastic frame.  But Don’t …PLEASE…DON”T Sell it or give it AWAY!  In doing that, you could be endangering another child!


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