Hillbilly’s are going Green….

Well, slowly anyway!  🙂 We are trying to do our part and I have to tell you..it’s not easy! 

You’d think it would be wouldn’t you?  Hmmm..I did too..but it’s actually not us that has the difficulty..it’s the carrying out of those attempts out in public!  Let me explain….

I started by shifting to cloth grocery bags…I made a few and still don’t have the design just like I want..but then I was lucky enough to get in on some reusable nylon shopping bags.  I have to tell you..I LOVE these bags..they are great!  Made from lightweight nylon..they fold up into a neat little pouch with a little clip..I keep them on a bigger clip on my purse strap…What are these bags?  Check them out here:  www.chicobags.com

Ok..on to my story!  LOL!  I take my bags to the grocery store..and get….*sigh* very negative reactions…especially from Wal-Mart!  (I really don’t like that store..but that’s a whole other story)..Wal-mart says that it wants to do it’s part for the community, environment..blah, blah, blah..they even sell their own cloth bags (which don’t hold much)..yet they forgot to train their cashiers on what these bags are for! 

Well..duh!  I’ve had them complain about the hassle the cloth ones are, try to charge me for them (yeah, right!) and just give me dirty looks…needless to say..I don’t go in there much..but yes, I do stick to my guns on this and MAKE them use my bags..I tell them I don’t want their plastic bags…the looks I get..LOL!

I take my bags to the local owned grocery store and they think it’s cool..and they have even switched their bags to some called HIPPO bags..made from natural gas instead of petroleum…not sure that they are really better for the environment..but at least they are trying..and they don’t give me any hassle for my bags…course, they know all of us by name..it’s a small store.  I shop there most of the time!  🙂

But the change to Earth friendly doesn’t stop there!  🙂  We continued to do some changes and have done the following things:

We use cloth napkins instead of paper
We use cloth towels for the most part instead of paper towels (it takes us, a family of 4…2 kids, over a month to finish a roll of paper towels)
We use homemade laundry soap (see previous post)
We cut back on our driving..stay home more!
I use recycled sheets and such for bags, clothing, curtains, and more!
We don’t buy a lot of pre-packaged foods..to cut down on the amount of trash. We do some recycling..with the items that we can turn into here: plastic and paper and aluminum
I switched to handmade cloth maxi pads.

Ok..yes, there is more..but it’s a start…and if everyone made a start..wouldn’t it be great? So what can you do to make a start? It can be as simple as 1 thing at first..try cloth napkins..you might like them! 🙂


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  1. I’ve gotten the same looks when i bring my own bags, but it’s getting better. Stick to your guns and keep up the good work.

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