I’m a Stay at Home Mom–What do you do??

This question came up on my MOMPACK group…only the other way around…and let me tell you..questions that are phrased like this: “What do you do all day..staying home?” or “How can you stand being home all day with the kids?” or any others like that…these questions HURT!

As a stay at home mom of 13 yrs, I have heard them all…and they all stung…especially the ones from family. So when this came up on my group..I made this post..hope all you stay at homers enjoy and hold your heads up! What you do is really important…KEEP it UP! 🙂

***I used to hear those comments all the time…the worst was from someone in my own family..she made the comment that I was throwing away a perfectly good education and career to stay home and “play mommy” …her exact words.

At the time I got pregnant with our 1st (our daughter) I was headed for a bachelors in Accounting and planning on taking my CPA test. I had done my work in a CPA office and was ready for the commuting I needed to pick up the last year of classes…then found out I was pregnant..and our world changed in an instant.

We decided as a couple (DH and I) that it would be best to stay home until she was school age…(she’s 12 now and I’m still at home! LOL!)…then when she was 2 we decided we wanted to homeschool (did I mention the amount of public school teachers and workers I have in my family?)

Anyway, now we have 2 wonderful, bright, well adjusted kids…I am a stay at home, homeschooling, dual business running, Cadette leadering, Altar Server Training, chauffeuring, cooking, sewing, bargain hunting MOM! 🙂 And very proud of it! 🙂 Instead of an accountant in some firm…I own my own business! What’s wrong with that????

Long story short..when people ask what I do, I list the things I do in this order:
I do the bookkeeping/receptionist work for my DH’s construction business
I run my own Custom Sewing Website, including all office detail and website work
I homeschool my children
I train our Altar Servers at Church
I Co-Lead our Cadette Troop (Been with it since they were Brownies)
I take both kids to 4-H
We’ll be getting goats and chickens for 4-H
I cook a LOT!
I will be cooking select items for a local restaurant this fall and winter.
I also teach local girls 10-15 to sew
I’ll be starting a girls club locally to teach modesty, homemaking, how to build a hope chest, hospitality and basically how to be a girl/women..and be PROUD of it.
Do you want to know all the things we do as a family after hours???? Archery, travel, football, fishing, camping, hunting, and loads of other things! 😉

So no, I probably didn’t brush my hair this morning, yes, the kids completed all their lessons before noon, Yes, we all brushed our teeth…makeup..what’s that? Laundry..help, I’m drowning in it! Yes, I can fit an order in next week..no, there is NOT an opening to fix your door tomorrow..how about Friday? Yes, I’ll train your kids, yes, I’ll teach them to sew, Yes, I’ll let you join Girl Scouts, Our 4-H meetings are the 2nd Sat of the month..

So when someone asks you what you do…tell them you are in upper management, specializing in the management of small, very active social groups that are going to make a change in this world… Yes, the pay is wonderful..you get hugs everyday and chocolate coated kisses! 🙂

Be Proud of being a Stay AT Home MOM! Be Proud of being a MOM! After all..the men couldn’t give birth to those little darlings! ROFLOL!***

Ok…hope everyone is staying safe and away from Ike’s harm! 🙂


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  1. I too was going to stay home for a few years, and now it has been 15. Though I’ve run into many people, some relatives, that think I’m wasting my college degree, I know they are wrong. My husband is very supportive and he’ll tell you that he could not do what I do. Despite taking care of the family, the house, helping him with his real estate business, handling details of two small businesses we own, and doing volunteer work for 2 different organizations, I will never regret it. I’m also never bored, and never watch tv during the day. I am proud of my job!

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