I am Thankful for…..

I was thinking about this last night….what do most of us focus on for Thanksgiving?  The food? The cooking?  The sales the day after?  🙂  Yeah, all of that..but how many of us are remembering what Thanksgiving is really about?  Being Thankful?!  In today’s current state..I think we should all reflect on what we are thankful for on this upcoming Thanksgiving day!

I’ll even go first!

I am Thankful for..

  • God
  • Jesus
  • My Catholic Faith
  • The freedom to worship in my faith without any repercussions..who knows how long it will last!
  • My children
  • my husband
  • my grandparents
  • my friends
  • my extended family
  • my health
  • the health of my children and husband (something we haven’t always had)
  • our home, be it small and humble
  • any work we get right now (not a good time for being self-employed)
  • the fact that we have food, clothing and a roof over our heads…as there are a lot this year that don’t!

So post your comments and tell everyone what you are Thankful for!  Let’s get focused on the important stuff again!


15 Responses

  1. What I am thankful:

    1-DH safely retired from the Army
    2-Health and wellbeing of our family
    3-our safe move to OK (finding a house, selling our old one, etc)
    4-our preps going well so far
    5-a good job for DH
    6-finding new friends out here

    I suppose that is it (for now–undoubtedly I will think of more things later on…lol).

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. 1- family

  3. God has continued to bless my family year after year, whether we are in need of clothes for our ever growing girls or a big sale at just the right time. I am so thankful for HIM, for his goodness and HIS grace to my family.
    My children
    My husband
    Our health
    My husbands job
    My home
    My family
    the food that is continuously put on the table
    the freedom that I have
    the soldiers who put their lives on the line for so many that they do not even know.
    for my talents
    my business although small, is my creative outlet

    What a great reminder this is for Thanksgiving as opposed to focusing on the preparation and all the food.

  4. I’m thankful for my :

    1. Jesus
    2. My husband
    3. My children
    I’m also thankful for all the things god has giving us in the last 3 years.

  5. I am thankful that I am just here. Now that my fiance and I are out of the military, we never have to miss another birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other important date out there.

    Don’t get me wrong, we loved the military, but sometimes it just gets too hard to be a set of dual military parents. Times were hard and I had to leave my 3 month old daughter behind to go to war, but I am thankful that I could serve my country.

  6. 1.) my country and those who defend it
    2.) my freedom to NOT worship
    3.) my husband, all his hard work and his good job
    4.) my kids
    5.) all of our good health
    6.) a nice place to live that is within our budget
    7.) my parents, sister and extended family
    8.) my friends all over the world
    9.) the farmers, truck drivers and retail workers who make life easier on the rest of us.
    10.) having a business I love and love to work at!

  7. My sweet baby girl after many years of infertility. My health and my family’s health. My mother’s life when we thought we would lose her several times over the last years. My loving husband. Being able to stay at home with my little girl and run businesses I love.

  8. Every day that I wake up and still have all of my family around me. Despite many challenges this year, we are all still here and still going! The additions to our family this year including my daughter, a niece and a nephew.

  9. I’m thankful for:

    1. My Lord and Savior Jesus and the price he paid for my salvation.
    2. My husband and our marriage of 11yrs
    3. My wonderful 3yr old son
    4. Our family’s health
    5. The blessings of a home, two cars, DH’s job and a business that is thriving even in this economy.
    6. The blessing of being able to be a stay at home mom to raise our son.
    7. My mom, stepdad, brother, sister in law and extended family.
    8. My friends near and far
    9. Our church family that is one of the greatest support networks.
    10. Our military that put thier lives on the line everyday for our freedom.
    11. The persecuted church that puts thier lives on the frontline everyday to spread the Gospel of Jesus!
    and so much more….

  10. I am most thankful for God’s greatest gifts to me, His son and mine.
    My son, who is in kindergarten, was asked to write down 5 things he was thankful for on a picture of a cornucopia and then color it. I explained to him that thankful means things you are really happy to have. First he said his friends, then he said his new dog Sadie. Then he thought and he thought and a light bulb flashed in his head and he said, “Oh yeah!! My Mom!”
    So I didn’t rate #1 but at least I am in the running. LOL!
    Elaine K Stephen
    Inspirational Gift Gallery

  11. • My Lord, Jesus
    • Salvation and Sanctification!
    • My husband
    • My son, Greg
    • My DIL, Leigh
    • My sisters, BIL and the rest of my family
    • Church
    • Friends – new and old
    • My health (which is suffering so this should REALLY be at the near-top of my list!)
    • The ability to work and the freedom to work at home
    • All the blessings I have that I take for granted every day

  12. I’m thankful for my oldest son, who gave me 2 beautiful granddaughters, the oldest one born on my birthday. Also, I’m extremely thankful for finding this group of wonderful working moms, which then led me to find Jennifer Smith,Eco-Office Gals, because, not only did she work hard developing my blog site, but over the past few months has been like a sister, when my world starts to fall apart. I’m thankful for surviving the 60’s era, which allowed me to live to 61yrs,(haha). And I’m thankful just to be able to get thru each day, with the Angels sitting on my shoulders.

  13. I am blessed beyond measure everyday!

    I am thankful for much and even more thankful for the Lord’s blessings that are to come.

    Thanksgiving reminds me of what I am praising God daily for:
    My risen Savior, Jesus Christ
    My godly husband
    My beautiful, healthy and annointed children
    My mom, who has chased after God’s own heart
    My dad, whose is dedicated, hardworking and never false
    My grandparents, that showed me what a godly marriage looks like & their legacy of faith
    My country, where I worship my God freely without fear
    My soldier, we adopted a soldier this year – we are greatful for his service and the service of all our military
    My job, I get to stay home with my kids & work at the domestic violence shelter twice weekly
    My friends, who love me yet continue to hold me accountable

    Be blessed.
    Heather Mac
    Owner, http://www.TheMacRak.com

  14. There is so much that I’m thankful for, but I’ll try to narrow it down to what my nightly prayers usually entail 🙂

    My children
    My boyfriend
    My family and friends
    Good health for myself and my family
    Who I am
    The ability to love endlessly
    Electricity, clean & hot water, food-all basic needs
    The courage to leave my full time career and be self
    Running vehicles

    I could probably go on & on but I don’t want to bore you.
    Great Post!


  15. I found it interested that I saw this post on MomPack as I was just thinking about this exact thing the other day. I just had surgery this past Friday and wasn’t sure whether or not we would be able to have Thanksgiving dinner or not.

    Then I thought… “who cares if we have hot dogs, or pizza, or soup. It’s not the meal that matters.”

    Many of us have “lost touch” about this, or any other holiday.

    I am most thankful to just have my family and closest friends surround me!

    Have a wonderful Holiday surrounded by your family and thank God for every moment of it!

    Lisa A. Frederick


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