On the Second Day of Advent….

On the second day of Advent, we didn’t do a lot…I have a cold and it’s sneeting here!  What is sneet?  It’s a combination of snow and sleet…looks like snow, falls like sleet.  It’s probably a very redneck, arkansas, kind of term..but that’s what we call it!  🙂

As we sit by the heater today, nursing colds..did I mention the kids have them too??…I was thinking..we are going to try something new this year…DH and I discussed this the other evening and have decided that instead of a huge pile of presents on Christmas morning, we are going to give the kids a small gift each day of advent…nothing big..sometimes nothing more than a candy cane or a small treat.  But with each gift will come a story…or a discussion of all events leading up to the birth of Jesus.

Our kids know the meaning of Christmas…that was never out of focus for us..but this year, I want something more..maybe because times are hard and gifts will be even harder to come by, maybe because I want their spirits to be strong..after all, the times ahead of us are going to require a lot of faith and strength.

Many of our gifts this year will be handmade..by yours truly…a few I have bartered for and even fewer have been purchased new…

We will be doing community service this year as well..stockings for the local foster kids, Christmas cards for the hospital and nursing homes, and possibly a child off the angel tree..

But for today..we are nursing colds and I’m going to have a cup of hot tea.

Peace to all of you this Christmas Season!


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