On the 11th Day of Advent…..

On the eleventh day of Advent…I post what we’ve been doing for the last 8 days! 🙂

On the 3rd day of Advent..we did nothing…watched Christmas movies and slept all day..What?  Yeah, we have been recovering from colds/bronchitis..we rested. Oh, and we had play rehearsal

On the 4th Day of Advent….We ran errands, rested and had play rehearsal…

On the 5th Day of Advent….We Rested..no play rehearsal…we are still trying to recover from these retched colds and get ready for Opening night of The Christmas Carol.

On the 6th Day of Advent….It’s opening night!  Did I tell you that the kids are performing in our local Theater Program?  They both have parts in the Charles Dickens Classic  A Christmas Carol  .  Meg is a Fezziwig daughter, and Mitch is Tiny Tim! 

On the 7th Day of Advent…Play night again..we’ll be doing 9 performances total..4 this weekend, 4 next weekend and 1 midweek this coming week..for the middle school.  Opening night went perfect..they got a standing ovation!  I’m a very proud and blessed mama to have such wonderful kids!

On the 8th Day of Advent…We went to Mass…and then on to our next performance!

On the 9th Day of Advent…We have a play tonight…the kids are exhausted..Mitch is still fighting a bit of cough and sniffle.

On the 10th Day of Advent… We caught up on Laundry today..and finally got the kids goats!  🙂  They are raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats for a 4-H project…They will show them in the fair next August.  They are the cutest things…I’ll have to get some pictures up…

On the 11th Day of Advent…Well, that finally brings me to today…I’m typing this at 6:30 am… we have our performance at the school this morning.  The kids have made me proud..they scrambled out of bed and tended little goats, the dog and the cats…and had their breakfast..poor Mitchell is still sniffling..the cold air doesn’t help, it was 32 degrees this morning here…BRRRRR….

We are going to be so thankful to be done with this play..the kids have had a blast and it’s really brought Meg out of her shell..(she’s my shy one), but all this activity right before Christmas has got me flustered and stressed.  I’m trying to keep our time at home low-key and quiet…to bring our Advent season back in focus…but it seems to be flying by so fast this year….

The last day of our play is Dec. 15th…after that we are going to stay at home, get our homemade gifts finished, and enjoy each other as a family..instead of running around like chickens  with our heads cut off!

Well, Theater time is in 15 minutes..time to do hair and makeup and costumes..

Peace and love to all.


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