Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

If you sell anything for have probably heard of this…or maybe not.  Let me explain what this means and provide you with some links to allow you to read more on your own.

First off, this act was sponsored by Bobby L. Rush (remember him..maybe you’ve seen him on the news in the last few days).

But I digress…This wonderful act sounds good on the surface..but take the time to really read it.  It’s a really hateful piece of work that is going to finish off the economy as we know it.

CPSIA was proposed to reduce the amount of lead in children’s toys and jewelry that is imported from places like China.  Rush took this much farther than that.  The Act covers anything that MIGHT be used for a child 12 and under.  This includes handmade, one of a kind items, organic clothing, cloth diapers, socks, shoes, clothing, books, toys, jewelry, bedding, bottles, sippy cups, and anything else you can imagine.

Lead testing is REQUIRED on each different if you made a cloth diaper in purple, one in green and one in red..each one has to be tested. 

Testing runs anywhere from $75 per material to $4000 and the item is destroyed in the process.  So that does away with one of a kind items..

Next, each item has to have a permanent tag attached..this tag has to have a batch number, bar code, manufacturer, address, and  a few other things.

Then your advertising has to include this information. 

So that makes that cloth diaper that was an average of $10-$20 now well over $150!  That’s for one diaper.  You are finished..out of business..

But they are done there…next comes all the items manufactured before the effective date of Feb 10, 2009.  They can’t be sold or given away without proof that they don’t contain lead levels that are unacceptable…so all those toys your kids got for Christmas….you can’t sell them at yard sales, consignment stores or donate them to the local thrift store.  They are in the government’s eyes..contaminated and to be treated as such.

Same with kiss your yard sales goodbye!  And your thrift stores…come to think of it…maybe we should just let our kids run around in their birthday suits…after all, that can’t be contaminated with lead from China…can it???

You can help spread the word about this and fight it…simply go to the Handmade Toy Alliance  site and follow the links to email your senators, representatives, and sign the petition to change this law.  You can also contact your local news agency…the government has been really smooth on news coverage at all.. they kind of slipped it in the back door and hoped no one would notice!

You can also contact Bobby L. Rush directly…send him mail and items that are handmade, let him know how destructive this law will be!

Bobby L. Rush (D)
Washington Office
2416 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 1-202-225-4372
Fax: 1-202-226-0333

Help us fight this!


2 Responses

  1. Great job on your post. This issue has come to the forefront of the resale industry as well. In many resale stores one will find locally or regionally handcrafted items. If the law continues to be interpreted in the manner it is, the handmade children’s accessory and toy industry as well as the children’s resale industry will fail to exist. The resale industry organization is working hard to get Congress to act quickly before 2/10/09. I’d recommend this site: for more reading on this topic.

    Also, if you want to write your congress person about this aspect of the CPSIA, here’s a link, enter your zipcode and let them know how you feel.

    Congress and the CPSC (the body assigned to interpret the law and apply the law) need to know how the american public feels about this law and the unintended consequences. The only way to accomplish this is to write and call them.

    Please become active before it’s too late.
    Thank you,

  2. ARE THEY INSANE?????????? Have they ever dealt with lead posioning or a lead posioned child??? The toys from China I understand. Crayons and things like that, I understand. THey contain and hold the lead. Clothing, shoes and such??? MAN WHAT WORLD DO THEY LIVE IN????

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