Happy New Year!

Well, I failed miserably at keeping a running commentary on our Advent Season…bronchitis has a way of doing that..I ended up with it twice and am still coughing some..but am finally feeling much better!

The New Year is here…and it looks to bring some very interesting changes…not necessarily good changes, but it should be a very interesting ride. 

A few people will stick out this year…one is our new President Elect Obama.  I’m not overly confident of his ability and have some serious misgivings about his moral standings..but it promises to be an interesting show.

Another is Representative Bobby L.  Rush a democrat from IL.  He is the culprit behind the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.  This weasel is also quite a racist…as proved by his recent comments on TV.  He doesn’t strike me as really intelligent, but as really sneaky and devious.

But I’ll tackle all these in another post.  For now, I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful and Joyous New Year.  Hold those you love close and help your neighbors.  Encourage a sense of community, you just may need it.

Peace to all.


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