And more on CPSIA….

Here is yet another link on this Act…you will LOVE this one…I you think it will cross bounds and include things like rosaries and church bazaars?  Can they tell you that religious items and functions are illegal??  I’ll have to call and ask them…and let you know!!!  🙂

Check out this site:

I particularly like this comment:

    “(4) the efforts of the Commission to reach and educate retailers of second-hand products and informal sellers, such as thrift shops and yard sales, concerning consumer product safety rules and product recalls, especially those relating to durable nursery products, in order to prevent the resale of any products that have been recalled, including the development of educational materials for distribution not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act.”

Hmmmmm…….makes you think doesn’t it?  Reckon there would be a swat team that would show up at my next yard sale and confiscate all the children’s used clothing and toys?  What about those women’s size 8 shoes that my 12 yr old daughter has outgrown?  After all, they were for a 12 yr old…


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for spreading the word to your readers.

  2. Are we as aggressive about checking out new
    products that come to us from overseas or even
    in our own country? What is the possibility of
    lead being in 2nd hand clothing? It seems to
    me there is more in the works than keeping
    children safe. Do we have a melamine problem
    in this country that originates here? We need to
    be watchdogs for sure of what’s coming into
    this country from other places.

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