More info on the CPSIA of 2008

On a local note, I am proud to say that one of our local news stations have been staying up on this information and actually did a small news article on this.  You can see it here:

On a more disturbing note however, after spending the better part of a morning on the phone..yes, I actually called all these offices..I didn’t get very far with anyone else!

I started with the Governor of Arkansas..his office didn’t know much about the law or the effects it will have, but I did talk to someone who said they would research it.

I talked to the offices of Bobby L. Rush..what a disappointment..absolutely no help here…but considering he sponsored the bill and has a track record of sounding like a racial idiot..I’m really not surprised.

I talked to Senator Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln offices…both said they would get back to me…

I contacted Marion Berry’s office…got voice mail, left a message

I talked to the CPSC..don’t call their’ll get nowhere this number instead..  1-301-504-7923 or the General Council office at 1-301-504-7922  You will actually talk to a human there.

I called Mike Ross’s a voice mail…so we will see.

I called my local media and will giving articles to our local radio stations and newspaper..still have to contact the state newspapers.

Do your part…call someone…emails are easy to ignore…phone calls are a lot harder!  I was the first person that had called the governor’s office on this…so one person can make a difference.  I plan to call again in a week.

Hang in there all you small businesses and work at home mommas!  Someone is fighting for you!  🙂


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