The Handmade Toy Alliance and New Etsy Items!

No, not my Etsy items, but in checking in on the site, I found an interesting link to a blog all about the new “Stupid” law.  🙂

The blog is

On this is a link to people that are listed new items on Etsy…at the prices they will be after all the testing that is required under the new law..which is still scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 10.

The prices on these items are amazing..and most of them have broken these costs down to show you exactly what the cost is for each required test.

Like many of these ladies…I too will have to discontinue all my children’s items…my custom twirl skirts, my doll clothes, my baby wipes, my knotted cord rosaries, my rosary quilts, my diaper bags, my bloomers and pantaloons…I’ll not be able to help dress any little girl modestly…just my own.  I’ll still teach about the importance of modesty and maybe you can find something that is vaguely modest at Wal-mart…..

You can make your thoughts known!  Join the or   Write your congressmen and public officials…contact your governor..any one that will listen!


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