Buy American…Better yet, Buy LOCAL!

I am a big supporter of buying American…I believe that will help our country more than anything.  However, above and beyond that..I have the belief that if you can get it locally…especially from a small mom and pop/homeschooling family business…then by all means.. DO SO!

I was pleased to discover several local sources for soap, honey, bread and more…not factory produced.

I am going to be featuring each of the businesses I find that have a website or contact info on my blog.  Stay tuned for some GREAT sites, products and people!


2 Responses

  1. I live in an exurban area. I try to shop locally. For instance we have a great hardware store that I will use instead of home depot. MacAfee Hardware in Vernon New Jersey is great. At the other extreme however, many small business people demonstrate on a daily basis just exactly why people go to the big boxes by being so unresponsive to my needs. A local stationer, as an example did not have index cards. This, with a new staples down the block. I ended up going to staples and spent over a hundred bucks when I went in to buy index cards.
    Local business people have to be very service oriented and proactive and many simply are not.

  2. Hi! I found your site through LinkReferral. It’s great!

    I’m a real fan of buying local whenever possible. It’s not only good for the economy … it’s good for the planet.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Small Footprints

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