Got Honey? Wild Acre Ranch does!

This is a wonderful site!  I have had the pleasure of buying the most delicious honey from them(best I’ve ever had) and also am enjoying their Lavender lotion..smells just wonderful and works great!

Wild Acre Ranch is a family operation that raises honey bees, blueberries, makes lotions and soaps and they even carry plants..blueberries, grapes, and rasberries to name a few!

Check out their site and try a few things!  Their prices are reasonable and their products are good!

Just updated!  We recently made a field trip with our 4-H group out to the ranch to pick blueberries…WOW!  What fun!  The kids had a blast and we brought home a load of fresh, chemical free blueberries!  You can pick your own or you can have them pick them for you!  Either way, if you are in the area, check them out!!  You’ll be glad you did!


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