Homeschooling in Arkansas

We live in a small town in Arkansas.  So far, the laws in Arkansas have been fairly relaxed, with very little government interference.  We have to file an intent to homeschool form each year and take a standardized test once a year for grades 3-9.  Other than that, the schools and the government pretty much leave us alone.

However, today I found out some info that is pretty bothersome.  Nothing we can’t handle, but still…

There is a bill in the Arkansas House right now…to add some restrictions and such to our rules.  The new laws themselves are not that bad..but the doors that they open are…and we can’t let that happen. 

Oddly enough, the proposed bill is not as disturbing to me as the opinions expressed by our very own Superintendent of our school district.

It has become obvious that she does not like homeschoolers.  She supports this new bill and her statements were very, very disturbing in how she views us, as homeschoolers. 

I have included her email she sent in support of HB 2144.  This is an unedited version of the email…just copied over to here.  As you can see…she views the “majority” of us as not doing a good job and lacking in respect for our children’s educaton.  Hmmm….this is her first year in this position….I wonder if she will last….she didn’t at our local Community College.

Her email:

———-Original Email———-
I am in favor of HB 2144. As a school superintendent, I am working non-stop to ensure that each child intrusted to Mena Public Schools receives a quality education. This week, our principals sent letters to parents warning them that their children had reached the 12 day (since semester) absence limit. I have had parents in the office or on the phone since the letters were mailed trying to home school their children.

One parent said, “They don’t like lunches at school; they don’t like to get up in the mornings, and I don’t want to bring them to school (they ride buses and are on free lunches)–so I want to homeschool.” The boys were in grades 5 and 8. The mom had no idea what she was going to use to teach them, how she was going to help them like school, how she was going to discipline them as a teacher/mom. I tried to talk them out of leaving. They were determined, and mom basically let 10 and 13 year olds drop out.

I have many more stories just like these that convince me that homeschooling in Arkansas is promoting the very things that Gov. Beebe, Presidents Bush and Obama, and each of you are against. We are seeking to educate the children so that they are not left behind. We want to improve our number of graduates and students going to college. How are we going to do that when we allow children to leave our schools at the whim of a parent? There are some who do a good job, but the majority are perpetuating the low regard for education that has been the curse of Arkansas’ progress. Our school district of 1954 has more than 130 students being home schooled. Many never come back and are added to the cycle of generational poverty. Please help us by passing HB 2144.
———-End Original Email———

Her comments concern us…although we know that it’s mostly about the money…she is losing money for the district for each child that is homeschooled. Huh! 

She expresses a lot of dislike for homeschooling with the comment

I have many more stories just like these that convince me that homeschooling in Arkansas is promoting the very things that Gov. Beebe, Presidents Bush and Obama, and each of you are against.

What about the good side of homeschooling?  Doesn’t that count???  What about the fact that these kids are doing really well in testing and later in life in college and beyond?

What about the proven record of homeschooling achievement across the country that shows that homeschooling works really well?

I guess that doesn’t matter to her…it always boils down to the money and control doesn’t it?  The states keep trying to take our kids away…to indoctorate them to their way of thinking…so that they would grow up to believe all the garbage the government trys to spout off as fact.

Ok…done with my rant…just had to get that said!  🙂  Hope you all have a blessed day!


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  1. Opposition to homeschooling is just something I’ve come to expect from the government – until I moved to Texas, that is. Things are much different here.

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