Sunshine and Clotheslines!

My clothesline..towels, cloth napkins and all..

Do you have a clothesline? If you don’t and should! If you don’t and can’t..well, you are sure missing out!

I grew up with a clothesline. My grandmother washed our clothes and hung them out everyday. In the cold of winter, she’d use her dryer or hang them behind the woodstove..but in the warm summer days or any day that had sunshine..out they went.

I grew up and for years, we didn’t have a clothesline..but over the years, I began to miss one year, my dear husband had some nice welded posts made and up went my clothesline..and I used it, for a while. Then our children had some allergy issues and their “specialist” recommended that I not hang their clothing or bedding outside. hmmm..

So I didn’t..and the kids didn’t get better…(they did eventually improve, but that’s another story altogether)..and then we moved.

Our new house didn’t have much room for a clothesline, but I rigged (yeah, rigged) one up anyway and used it all the time!

Then the tornado hit..away went the clothesline, the deck, the tree and the house…ah well…..

Now we are settled, finally into our home and I have a clothesline..Hubby actually had it custom made for holds 4 lines, has 3 posts and spans about 30 feet from end post to end post. The one in the middle is a nice tall support post! 🙂

I really enjoy my will hold about 4 large, family sized loads of wash at a time…and everything smells so good! Mmmmm…crisp, clean and fresh!

The Center post of the line

We live in Arkansas, so winter is a time of undecided weather! LOL! One day we will have cold and damp..the next cool and sunny. Today is one of those rare cool (about 50 degrees out of the wind) and sunny..oh, that beautiful sunshine! ….days.

So of course, I am doing laundry..and washing sheets that will be upcycled into my next round of shopping bags! 🙂  It’s also just such a beautiful day…why not?  Even our lovely calico kitty: Patches is enjoying the sunshine! 

Patches the kitty, soaking up the sunshine!

There is a method to my storytelling..but you’ll have to keep reading future posts to figure it out! 🙂


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