My Battle With Fat and Li’l Jam Hands Blogs! My friends!

I have been blogging for several years now..sporadically at times and rambling at best. However, I now have 2 wonderful friends that have jumped off into the blogging world and I’d like to introduce them!
The First is one of my Bestest, Besties! We actually met through my website and blog! We have never met in person! Her blog is Li’l Jam Hands and Tattered Apron Strings! I love the name and I know Suzi well enough to know that it is an apt description of her and the 3 lovely kids. She has a lot of wonderful things to share and I wish her the best!

The Second blog is by a mutual friend of ours..I met Raelynn through Suzi and she is a very sweet person with lots to say and no, we’ve never met either! 🙂 Her blog is :
My Battle with Fat

I do hope that you will enjoy reading both of their blogs, as well as mine and maybe we can share some our blessings with you, our devoted readers! Enjoy!


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