Whole Wheat Bread..the ultimate comfort food!

I make bread..the old fashioned way..no bread machine here!  Don’t even own a bread machine.  I love to make bread, like my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother made it.

However, I make mine a little different from them..mainly because I don’t use white flour..bleck!  I wanted our bread to be healthy and wholesome..no preservatives, no sugar, no fillers…

Now, don’t get me wrong..I’ve made white bread for years..it wasn’t until the last 2 yrs that I started dabbleing with whole wheat..it’s a little (no, a LOT) different than white flour..took some adjusting of recipes and tastes..but I’ve got it down now..here’s how it goes:

It starts with this:

then, we do this:

Into this:

to get this:

that’s our freshly ground whole wheat flour!  Love my Nutrimill!  It, along with my KitchenAid Mixer were my 2 big new items after the tornado..along with the purchase of several bags of Hard White Wheat Berries!  I also invested in gamma seal lids to protect my wheat and spelt from bugs and such.  🙂

After grinding my flour, I add:


This is yeast (I buy it in the compressed bricks in bulk from sams, wheat gluten (at the grocery store), Honey..I prefer our Local Honey from Wild Acre Ranch, am using up some bulk honey that I had on hand first.  1 stick unsalted butter, 2 cups warm (not hot water) I mix it with the 1/2 cup of Honey before pouring it in the flour and 1 egg.

It all goes in this:


I let my mixer do all the kneading..you are welcome to try it by hand..but whole wheat dough is a LOT tougher than white flour dough..it will give your arms a workout like you wouldn’t believe..then it’s time to rise..rubbed with EV Olive Oil..


covered with a clean towel in a warm spot..I leave my oven on low (200*) to keep it warm on these cold days..  When doubled in size (about 1.5 – 2 hours)  punch down and divide into 3 equal pieces..flatten each piece out into a small rectangle and roll into a “jellyroll” and tuck ends under.  Place in loaf pans:

  let rise till it’s above the top of the pans..

then bake at 350* for about 30 min…till it’s golden brown..like this:


So to recap..

approx 8-10 cups whole wheat flour (fresh ground is best)

4 1/2 tsp yeast (or 2 of the little packets that come in strips of 3)

3 tsp of Wheat gluten (I use rounded tsp..not level)

1 softened stick of butter

1/2 cup honey mixed with 2 cups warm water (slightly warmer than baby bottle warm)..NOT Hot!

1 egg

Put the first 3-4 cups flour in the bowl, add yeast, gluten and stir..add water and honey..mixing continously, add egg and finally butter..mix until butter is blended in..then using dough hook, start adding more flour..watching the consistancy of the dough..you want it to have a non-sticky firm texture..but not hard..it’s a tactile thing you’ll have to figure out..

When it’s worked into a nice ball and nothing is sticking to the sides..all the loose flour is worked in..remove and place in warm bowl that you have rubbed olive oil into the bottom and sides.  rub more olive oil on top of dough, cover and let rise in warm place!  Follow rest of directions as shown! 

Bread is one of those things you have to work with..my batches usually make 3 loaves, although today, I made 1 batch of 3 loaves and the second batch I made 2 loaves and 2 pizza crusts for supper!


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  1. You making me to want to make bread!!!!

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