Count your Blessings!

I thought about this post last night. We had snow again yesterday…not a lot, just a couple of inches. Just enough for us to take the kids over to grandma’s for what I call redneck sledding!

We live in a small town and grandma lives on a dead end we fired off the 4-wheeler and found us a round trash can lid..yep..trash can lid ..tied it to a rope and away they went!

The lid worked well for a while, then it broke. Not to be stopped from the fun yet, there was a mad scramble to see what else could be used. *at this time, I should point out that yes, we live in the south and yes, we are a bit son idolizes Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy..mullet and all! Need I say more?? *
Finally, they found a door mat and a car floor mat..yep..poked a hole through them, tied them on and off they went for more fun. Yes, it worked quite well..good enough they rolled it up and stored it for the next time it snows!

As I was watching the kids and their daddy, I was struck with the beauty of it, not the sled, but the fact that even though times are tough, really tough financially, for us, there is pleasure in the simple things. Our kids didn’t miss out on the fun just because we didn’t have a sled. They didn’t miss out on precious quality time with their daddy.

We are happily married, no problems..everyone is healthy. We have a roof over our heads and simple food in our bellies.

I looked at my precious daughter sitting on a swing..she is so young, yet so grown up(almost 15) ..and I am so glad to have her in my life! I can’t wait to see what her life has in store and at the same time, I don’t want to see her grow up!

My little boy is 11, and so full of energy and life! He rode that sled behind his dad yelling “Faster Daddy, Faster” and laughing with sheer delight. (Now mind you, dad didn’t go too fast and would never do anything to bring harm to either child)

I stood there taking photos and was simply hit by it all. So as you go through life, don’t forget to stop and smile..look around you and take the time to enjoy the small things in life. I say this because the kids had to beg me to go with them..I don’t like being cold, I don’t like being out in the snow…but I am SO glad that I went, because I would have truly missed something precious and wonderful.

Life throws you so many curveballs..everything is so fast paced, everyone is in a hurry.  Step out of the rat race for a moment and really look at what you have and what you NEED..not want.  You may find you have everything you need and more!  Enjoy it!


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