Our Economy..does it affect you?

(Author’s Note:  This is an older post that I am reposting simply because I see the relevance and feel people should still be aware of things. Yes, some info may be outdated..the orignal posting of this was in 2008, however, most of the info is still very true today!  Please be aware people and be prepared!)

I’ve had the privilege of reading many posts on this topic.  As a work at home mom and as a self-employed family, this is a topic of concern.  I must also point out that I am NOT a doomsday believer..usually I’m pretty laid back and unconcerned about things..I don’t stress over much and worry even less.  I like my life the way it is..but …

Before I go farther though, let me explain a few things…I was brought up and influenced by grandparents..they all still have a great impact on my life.  I’ve learned so much from them and one of the most important things I’ve learned is to never take anything for granted and never waste!

We live in small town, USA…it’s really like Mayberry..most of the time!  🙂  Our economy is always a bit on the slow side…as is the pace of life and the cost of living is low as well..especially in relation to other areas.  However, our town is struggling.  I see it more so every day..our families are moving away in hopes of better, higher paying jobs..yet, some are coming back.  Our retired folks are struggling to pay for groceries and utilities.  Our teens are leaving as soon as they get out of high school.  WHY?

Our families come back because the cost of living is still cheaper here..they can get by with less..even if it means living with less.  They have family and friends to help them, a network to support them.  Our senior citizens are really getting the raw end of the deal..more on that later.

We live in Small town, USA and here…we’ve been in a RECESSION for years…

But now, I see the country…a country I used to be so proud of, turning a blind eye to what’s happening right under their noses.  I’ve heard it all…

“No, we aren’t in a recession..just an economic downturn or slowdown”

“We may be seeing the beginning signs of a recession, but the economy will pick up”

“The economic stimulus package is working” (yeah, for who??)

“We could NEVER have another depression..we are too technologically advanced for that to happen”…  hmmm…

” The economy is going strong..it’s just a housing slump”

“The problems are just for those that failed to manage their money right..or those that mortgaged more than they could pay for”  (who encouraged all those mortgages 4-5 yrs ago??)

“People are still spending money…how can things be bad?”  (yeah, but now they are spending that money on necessities and gas..not luxury items)

“I just can’t see it!  The media is making it look worse than what it really is!”  (Blah, Blah, Blah..normally I’d agree on the media issue…but not this time)

Ok, the list could go on, but here are my observations and take them as you will (meaning ..if you don’t like it fine..no skin off my back..but don’t flame my blog because you are too blind to see the nose on your face)

The media has long been know to skew the views…but this time, they are hiding more than they are telling..you have to learn to read between the lines.  The government doesn’t want people to panic..they don’t want you to pull your money from your bank or to stock your pantry..that would be a sign of panic and lack of faith in our beloved government….

Our country is struggling..everyday it’s something new…farmers are out of work, families are starving..right here in the good ole US OF A! Health care is rising, food costs are rising..making it even harder for families to feed their children…So, even if your area isn’t showing obvious signs yet..don’t be so quick to say everything is alright…because it’s not!

History repeats it’s self…as humans we are sooo predictable!  Check your history books if you wish..it’s true!

If history repeats..then what hasn’t been repeated?  We’ve had a civil war, 2 world wars, Vietnam, Korea, the depression…oh wait..there’s that “D” word again…that can never happen…right? The Gulf War, Iraq…Kuwait..these are just an overview…it’s really time we took a good hard look at our views on the rest of the world and ourselves.

Think about this..what would happen if the stocks crashed tomorrow..what would happen if the foreign oil was cut off from us (our refining capabilities at this time won’t keep up), what would happen if our major financial institutions collapsed?  Feds can’t bail them out forever.  What would happen if our dollar was not longer any good anywhere in the world (is that so far fetched?) What about worse things?  So far our war is over on foreign soil…will it stay there?

Now take those what if’s and ask yourself..what would you do to protect you and your family?  Can you live off grid? do you have land to grow a garden?  Do you know how to filter your drinking water? cook without electricity? live without air conditioning?  transportation without fuel?  Generators take gas or diesel….

Where would you go, what would you do?

These are all hypothetical thoughts..but we’ve learned from history that you can never be too prepared and that ANYTHING can happen..usually when we least expect it. 

I hope that by some miracle our economy does turn around, oil prices drop, food prices drop, inflation recedes..but I’m not holding my breath! 

So, keep your “ear to the ground” watch the signs..do a little something to prepare for hard times…because those hard times “They are a ‘coming!”


7 Responses

  1. Lots of talk of recession, gas prices, unemployment. I see thousands of high paying jobs posted by reputable employers. I beleive people can find a job if they truly look.


    If someone wants one, I really think they can get one…be positive!

  2. Thank you so much for your insight! I just wish others would see that even though it hasn’t affected some of us yet, it’s coming. We’ve got to do something about it now!

  3. I have watched the same discussions on the forums that you are talking about. I’m a Baby Boomer, and I know many young moms can’t predict the future. Neither can I. But I remember the past, having gotten married in the early ’70s. I’ve never seen the economy this bad since I was a teenager. I totally agree with you, it will get much worse before it gets better. If it gets better. Not in the near foreseeable future. JMHO

  4. The Titanic was unsinkable, too! Of course this is a recession. Gas is higher than ever in history, more Americans are losing their homes, 401Ks are wasting away. It’s actually quite dire. I don’t think we’ll ever see this broadcasted on the news for what it really is, because then the media would have to stop debating it 24/7. Debating it is big business. And if the networks told us flat out “save your pennies and use a clothesline” we might be half tempted to cancel our cable service. Plus we might stop shopping at their advertisers which would in turn give the advertisers less money to pay the networks for those fancy commercials So it’s not yet in the media’s best interest to call a spade a spade, if you ask me.

  5. I agree. I live in Maine in an area where most people just get by. You know something is wrong when people are scared of being able to afford heat this winter when we aren’t even into summer. At $4-5 a gallon for heating fuel and a minimum 100 gallon delivery for most companies, you are talking an extra $400-$500 a month that people just do not have. We have a wood burning furnace and the land to get our own wood free and still we used an average of 75 gallons of heating fuel a month last winter.
    I keep reading editorials in the newspaper written by older people who have seen the depression and they all seem to say the signs are there. I will heed their warning.

  6. […] Our Economy..does it affect you?Our economy is always a bit on the slow side…as is the pace of life and the cost of living is low as well..especially in relation to other areas. However, our town is struggling. I see it more so every day..our families are moving away … […]

  7. I agree and what you said, not finding work and that jobs are out there, well, they maybe there but is the pay? Enough pay to cover the only the necessities? I live in Key West, expensive, I am an fine art consultant, luxury items is what I do, you said it sister, there is spending and its on only necessities. Which now is starting to hurt for me and everyone else down here. Bussiness may be there but for how long? What bussiness will go under next?

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