Simply Life

Living the simple life isn’t all that simple sometimes.  Society gets in the way.  Our personal feelings get in the way.  Gosh, Life gets in the way!  Who would have thought that simply LIVING could get in the way of leading a simple life?

Here’s our story.

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that on April 9, 2009 our hometown was hit by a F-3 tornado.  Our home was destroyed and we lost 90% of what we had.  So many things happened that night that have had such long reaching effects that it’s mind-boggling.  We have tried twice to start over and failed both times..we are now looking at starting over again..

This is not a pity trip or a plea for handouts..I don’t do that..It’s a simple statement of fact and a harsh reality of the world we live in.

We bought the house next door to our original house, remodeled, repaired, tried to make it our new home..but sadly..hard as we tried, our heart was still with our cozy little house that we had lost…our oldest learned to walk there, our youngest was raised up was the only home they had was a HOME..tiny, cramped and our HOME..not just a house, but a Home..we were happy there..

The new house is bigger, nicer, lots more room, features I had always dreamed about..but still was the neighbors this day, it still doesn’t feel like home…

We moved..rented this house out..found us a little farmhouse in the country to rent (from a friend..really cheap) ..started a restaurant…and a new life..but the economy, the overhead..we just couldn’t sustain it…we banked everything we had on this venture and just couldn’t make it…

So we were left with only 1 option..move back to Mena..back to the house..try to finish what we started..but there was no work..DH looked, applied, begged..6 months we were without work, living in a camper in our backyard, since renters wouldn’t leave (family thing..long story).  Finally he found a job, that he took with a lot of misgivings ..determined to make it work, but it didn’t.

My husband and I have been married for 19 yrs (20 in Nov)..we have always had work of some sort…never drawn unemployment and only applied for food stamps 1 time..when our youngest was a baby.  We only used them for a few months and dropped it…

We have always made our own way..yeah, sometimes we only ate beans and hamburger..but we’ve always made it on our OWN.

Now, we find ourselves in a position that we can’t keep up..he’s out of work again..the cost of living is so high that we simply cannot make ends meet.

I am trying to ramp up my home-based business..this is our sole income right now.  We have planted a garden.  We live a very simple life..I make my own laundry soap, we use fans instead of air conditioning , we walk if it’s not pouring rain or freezing cold, I hang my laundry out to dry, I make all of our meals from scratch..including our bread…I make or repurpose a lot of our clothing.  We use what we sell..I use clothes pin aprons, regular aprons, cloth menstrual pads, reusable shopping bags.

We have a compost pile, a worm bed, are getting chickens, butchered a hog,.

But still we needed I asked my friend Dianna K. Winters for some ideas.  She’s a WHIZ at graphics and marketing!  She knocked me over with ideas and I love her for all of them! 

With a little brainstorming we have come up with this: and she has helped me promote this: as well as our Facebook page:  Hillbilly Creations
This girl is an amazing person, and an even more amazing friend.  She has her own struggles and battles that she has to deal with and still gives so much of herself and her professional time to others. 

So please, check out what she’s set up for us.  It’s not a “please give me money site..but donate and get something in return site.  She has some amazing artwork she’s donated and I have all my fabulous handmade items.  Our daughter is even making some beautiful jewelry to put up for donations. 

Normally, I wouldn’t do this kind of thing, but we are facing foreclosure, and repossession of both vehicles..we are trying desperately to raise enough money to save one vehicle, as my MIL also depends on us for transportation. 

Thank you for all you do and if nothing else, keep us in your prayers…those are as meaningful as anything.


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