Easter and an Update on us!

Well, Easter is here tomorrow!  I am so looking forward to it, for so many reasons..but it’s also bittersweet in a way..this is our last holiday in this house..or rather, on this land that the kids have grown up on…but..life goes on and we will be ok. 

Our car is safe!  The bank agreed to roll our note on it into a payment plan..we have a monthly payment on it that we can afford (if I can keep selling my handmade items) ! 

We are taking one day at a time and enjoying each day as we can..today the kids colored Easter Eggs.  No, they are too old for all the commercial bit of the “Easter Bunny” and candy..but we eat deviled eggs and boiled eggs anyway..and they love expressing their creativity once a year on these eggs…and they take it very seriously!  LOL!  Here’s some pictures!

I plan for this ahead of time!  Each year AFTER Easter, we (the kids and I) take a trip to the store and buy several different “cool” kits at bargain prices (usually 25 cents) and put them up for the next year.  I have a tote for each holiday..so that we can buy stuff like this on clearance for the next year.  This allows them to create “outside the box” and use multiple items from multiple sets to create those oh, so perfect designs! 

Next year, we are also talking about experimenting with some natural dying processes as well..we’ll see how those turn out!  🙂

My family and I..we want to wish each and every one of you a most BLESSED Easter!  May the Joy of Christ be with you always! 


One Response

  1. How fun… We’re getting ready for ours this afternoon.

    Although I also buy things like this ahead, I haven’t gotten quite as organized as you sound. Thanks for the nudge! 🙂

    Have a very blessed Easter!

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