STAND UP and Be Heard AMERICA!!! Your Freedom is at STAKE!!

*****I make this post with knowledge that it will bring criticism and outrage..but here’s the deal..I have a right to say what I believe, and to believe what I do..just the same as anyone else.  What those of you that disagree with me DON’T have is the right to tell me that your view is right over mine..that your view is better..or that mine is wrong.  It’s my belief, not your’s..and your’s is not mine..I have a RIGHT to believe in GOD, morality, same-sex marriage, homeschooling, natural living..whatever.  You have a RIGHT to not share my opinion..You DO NOT have a RIGHT to try to change mine or make me accept yours!”***********

The American and I..your neighbor, all of us, need to stand in the streets and say..ENOUGH!!!  Take back our government..clean house of all the crooked and immoral politicians that are sucking our country dry.

Speak up people!  Tell the government to back off..go back to the constitution, and the Bible..stop letting all the special interest groups and the Large corporations run this country.  Stop the insane lawsuits, the ambulance chasers, the scumbags of the government!

Tell President OBAMA that he has this all WRONG!  This is NOT the CHANGE we need!  Stop moving our jobs overseas!  Stop killing our Economy!  Get out there and really LISTEN (yeah I know Mr. President, you don’t listen well) to the American People!  You know, those that pave your roads, wash your clothes, teach your children, run the restaurants and daycares.  The nurses and doctors that are so over burdened with malpractice insurance, because of frivolous lawsuits, the average parents that scrimp and save to take care of their children..only to see the prices of food skyrocket, the price of fuel skyrocket…the cost of living the point they can’t keep up!

The cost of college tuition is going up, and yet, we sit and watch while you sick the FDA on people like the AMISH for selling (gasp) RAW MILK!!  To people who WANT to drink it???  You force drugs into our water, but we can’t drink whole, raw milk?  REALLY???

There is a drug for everything nowdays..did you know that?  Can’t sleep?  Take a pill!  Kid misbehaving in school?  Take a pill!  Mr. there a pill for your STUPIDITY?  Will it cure your pompous assumptions that we LIKE your CHANGE??

Here’s my pill!  Stop denying that there is an economic crisis…STOP denying that there are problems in THIS country..STOP trying to fix the World’s problems, while you ignore the ones right here!

JUST STOP!  Get out of your precious bubble and come down to our level…try living like the majority of us do…on the income we get from working hard..and still barely getting by.  Try buying groceries without the taxpayer paying for on beans and cornbread, homegrown veggies, real, honest food instead of fancy stuff prepared by chef’s!  Sit down at our tables and LISTEN to us…

You know, cause if you don’t’s what’s going to happen!  Come the election..the American people are going to say “YOU’RE FIRED” and vote for someone else!

You want to implement change?  Call on GOD to guide you and make POSITIVE change in this country!  Get rid of Unions!  Get corporations back into this country..create jobs for all..not just the “college educated in tech” jobs.  Eliminate the waste jobs…eliminate these government pensions for the worthless politicians..

Lift all these ridiculous rules on foods…raw milk..home grown foods, put the restrictions on the stuff that’s coming in contaminated..would you eat food from CHINA or MEXICO??  Would you feed it to your children?

Then why should we?  Give people their freedoms back!  Let them live their lives as they see fit..but don’t shove it down everyone else’s throat.  I will never teach my children that “alternative” lifestyles are “ok or acceptable” ..because they are NOT in our religious views.  Get rid of these “special Interest” groups..they are nothing but a drain on society..corrupting our moral fiber..

Clean our country up..fix our roads, let our teachers do their jobs, give farmers the respect they deserve, give parents the freedom to raise their children, eliminate the ambulance chasing, money hungry lawyers and their draining lawsuits.  Clean it UP  Mr. President!  or come election time..YOU’RE FIRED!!!


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