Love, Honor and Cherish, till death do us part!

Love, Honor and Cherish..till death do us part..these were our wedding vows..I think about them every day..I live by them every day and they apply to not only my husband, but my children.  Think about must LOVE your children, you must Honor them(or they will not honor you) and you must Cherish them (because they are the greatest gift from God)…till the end of your days..

Sometimes, I sit at my computer and listen to my family in the, I’m not ignoring them..just have things to do.  But the point is, I listen to them.

It’s during these times that I am overcome with pride and joy at the young adults my children are becoming and the wonderful man that my husband is!  I hear them talking about everything from the next day’s activities (that are on my calendar right in front of me) to the latest current event, or whether or not our son thinks the Mythbusters can prove the myth they are working on.

Our kids have grown into such vocal and independent thinkers..they are aware of the world around them and fully prepared to take it on ..head on..when the time comes.  They have political and religious opinions..not always the same as mine…sometimes, more in-depth!

They are my family and I love them!

It’s times like these that reaffirm that homeschooling, for us, is a good thing!  It has prepared them for the “real world”.  It has made them secure in the knowledge that families really do function with 2 parents and that they are safe and loved.  They know that God loves them, that we love them.

I think about the children that don’t have what our kids do, they don’t hear “I love you” from their parents every night, they don’t have a secure and loving environmnet..and it breaks my heart.

We are going through some hard times right now, we don’t have a lot, but we do have each other, and each and every person in this family knows that the rest of the family loves them completely and unconditionally!  Have you told your family that you love them lately?  Make a habit to do it..every day…every chance you can…because you may not get another..tomorrow may not come.

Cherish your children, cherish your spouse…live life to the fullest!


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