How Clean is your House?

Just how clean is your house?  Do you vacuum every week? Tackle the bathroom with soap scum remover and toilet bowl cleaner?

Do you bleach your whites and buy fabric softener to make your towels cuddly and soft?

Do you buy the new dish soap with bleach so that your dishes are extra clean?

Antibacterial soap?


Germ-Killing Power?

Streak-free shines?

Hand sanitizer?  Do you carry some with you at all times?

Air fresheners and air “sanitizers”?

Answer yes to any of these?  Then your house may not be as “clean” as you think!

Consider this:  Would you live next to a toxic waste dump?  Would you believe people who told you that no harm will come to you from said toxic waste?  Would you live next to a landfill?  I figure you would answer “NO!” to these questions.

But if you’d answer NO to the above questions, then why would you answer YES to the ones above that?  The average homes air is more polluted than the air outside.  The reasons?  Newer, “air tight”, “energy-efficient” homes, our obsession with killing germs and fear of whatever cold or flu that’s going around..the never ending desire to be and have “CLEAN”.

Well?  What’s a person to do?  Change some habits for one..instead of running the air conditioning all the time…open the windows..let some fresh air in…can’t do it because of severe allergies?  Change your air filters more often..and buy good ones!  Read the labels!  Get your duct work and the coils in your unit cleaned..don’t smoke in the house and DITCH THE CLEANERS!!!

WHAT??  Ditch the CLEANERS??  But..they make things CLEAN!!!  Oh the HORRORS!!

Um..yeah, ditch them..and your home will be cleaner for it!  What to use?  Natural products…most of which are food safe (but not all). Here’s a list of the ones most commonly used.

White Distilled Vinegar

Baking Soda

Borax (20 Mule Team)

Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (not detergent,..just washing soda)



Essential oils (do your research here..lots to choose from!)

Lemon Juice


Sunshine! works wonders..invest in a clothesline..saves you energy and the sun is a GREAT disinfectant!

Did you know that vinegar (white distilled vinegar) is a wonderful disinfectant?  So are the essential oils like Tea Tree, Lemon, and Eucalyptus.

Did you know that baking soda and vinegar will clean almost anything in your house?  You can use things like vinegar and a few drops of regular dish soap in a spray bottle to get crystal clear glass?

Did you know that using essential oils in place of “antibacterial” products will help prevent disease resistant or “super bugs”?

Did you know that making these changes can help with respiratory issues like asthma?

Did you know that 5-8 drops of Eucalyptus oil in about 8-20 oz of water will kill dust mites?

Did you know that Vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser will work just as well as those high-priced softeners?

Did you know that you can make your own laundry soap?

Do some research and find out for yourself!  I’ll write more on it later, but think on this..

I changed from “chemical” cleaners to all natural ones and have been able to get a hold on and control, if not almost eliminate almost all my families allergy and asthma symptoms.  We are healthier and breathe much easier since we made these changes, and we don’t catch everything that goes around…

There is more to this, and I will get to it, but I wanted to get you to some research on your can start’s a good jumping off point!




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