So have you Cleaned your house yet?

Yep, told you I’d be back!

So, now, after reading the last article….how clean is your house?  If you still have those toxic cleaning chemicals in your house, then you need to clean house!

Start here:

Your kitchen…the place of germs and bacteria.  Ditch the tile cleaner, the soft scrub stuff, the disinfectant and use this..just TRY it for a week!  You’ll be amazed!

Sinks?  Clean them with a soft paste made with baking soda and warm water…scrub them good with them covered with the paste?  now, give them a good dousing of plain ole white it bubble and fizz away the stains and germs.  Lemon juice will work just as well as the vinegar.

Rinse clean with warm/hot water.  This works on all sink types.

Tough stains that didn’t come out?  Use one of those white eraser sponges…the cheap ones work fine will make things sparkle!!

Counter tops?  A spray of white vinegar, a few drops of lavender, tea tree oil or orange oil will clean, disinfect and freshen them right up!  Again, tough stains can be tackled with an eraser sponge.

Stoves?  The same paste you used for the won’t scratch them and wipes off clean with a damp rag…don’t pour the vinegar on the stove though!  That would be a bit messy!  You can use the eraser sponge there as well.

Murphy’s oil soap is the ONLY cleaning thing I have in the house, next to the dish soap.  I use it on all my floors, vinyl and hardwood.  I don’t have carpet..but if I did, I’d use a good bagless vacumm…yuck..carpet!  Do you know the yuck that’s under yours??  😦  But I digress..another topic altogether!

Your spray you made works for any of your other kitchen surfaces…just spray and wipe!  Clean, disinfected(naturally) and you and your family will breathe easier!

Next time…the bathroom!!!  🙂



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