The Hillbilly’s are on the road…

Well, almost!  🙂  We are hitting the road in Nov.  Those of you that have followed my blog know that the last few years have really been rough.  To wrap them up… business venture, bad economy, failed business venture, repossession of new house…yep, that about sums it up.  Now, my dear husband is working on the natural gas pipeline and we (me and the kids) will take to the road with him in Nov.

separation of the family stinks..big time!  😦  It doesn’t work for us…so since we home school, the kids and I will be going with him.

For me, I’m excited..I’ve always wanted to travel out of our podunk little town..see the world so to speak…

For the kids, they are a little apprehensive…leaving what’s familiar..their friends, etc.  It’s a little rough..but they miss their daddy something they are for it…just having a bit of trouble overcoming their anxieties!

Hubby?  He can’t wait..he’s lonely…and doesn’t like doing all the things I, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.  LOL!

So, it’s off on a new adventure..with God by our sides..who knows what we will discover!

Looking back over the last few years, I can see places where I stumbled..felt that there was NO way we’d overcome this obstacle..but now, I can see where God lifted us up…and helped us many answered prayers..not always the way we wanted..but answered all the same.’s a wonderful and mystical thing…and I’m blessed by it everyday!  Are you?



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