Why I stay at home!

Making new friends...learning new things! Intro to pigs 101

How many times have I (or you) heard the question: “what do you do all day?” or the statement: “I’d go crazy if I had to stay home all day with my kids!”

Yeah, a thousand times..right? I put together a few pictures to show why I stay at home….and love it!

 12th Birthday..the Chocolate Fountain! 🙂
Science Fair…we do that too! Got Gas? told people about the natural gas industry..where her dad works!
Fire Pit time…perfect way to end a Fall day!

Freedom to pursue her dreams! Our future Chef!

Why yes, we do have a "prom" Its a Masquarade Ball with our homeschool families!

Easter...Celebrated with love and family and God! and of course...gotta have Easter eggs! YUM!

First Barn Dance with our Homeschool group!The Horse Races....

Birthdays are celebrated with all our homeschool family!


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