Hillbilly Update!

Time flies doesn’t it? It’s coming up 3 years since we moved to Oklahoma. It’s been great! Oldest is about to start her sophomore year at college. Youngest is into all sorts of projects..some that make a momma cringe! (Think Fire, metal, welding, sharp objects, more fire, explosions, you name it. ) He plans on pursuing a degree in engineering. I think it will be a good fit!

My blogging has taken a backseat to life. Sorry about that! Some days it seems like the day just doesn’t have enough hours in it.

I’m still sewing. Trying to get inventory to restock my Etsy store. I also manage all the office stuff for DH’s work. I have the farm. 25 goats now. See my farm blog for more on that and pictures.


Grasshoppers ate my garden….again. *sigh*. Hubby says I should quit. I keep trying. One year, the grasshoppers won’t come. I truly believe that! LOL!

More exciting news to come, but can’t tell you yet. Still have details to finalize and such, but this is big! 🙂 It’s going to be great!


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