Change for America–The Hillbilly WAY!!

OK, I’m taking my political views and ideas to their own page!  Check this page out on a regular basis to see my ideas to change America!

Feb. 11, 2009

I went into our local thrift store today and was shocked at the impact the CPSIA has had.  Even though they said that resale/thrift shops were excluded, I am afraid that you will find most are afraid of the penalties that are still there.  Ours is the point that they have dropped all children’s toys and currently have all their children’s clothing 1/2 price..and neither will be replaced…at least until they are confident that what they sell won’t violate federal laws.

The devastation this could have not only for their business, but also for the local families is unbelievable!  We are a low income, rural community…people here will have a hard time clothing their kids without the resale shops!  Even Wal-Mart is too expensive for most of us!  😦

My 9 year old son has decided that he is going to write the President..I am encouraging this..perhaps we all should!

My idea to eliminate the lead issue would be to stop importing items from places like China and have it made here…Give people their jobs back.

In fact…that’s my idea!  I propose a Buy Handmade and American Made or Buy Secondhand!  Don’t Buy it if it comes from China..boycott them!  If the whole nation would..we could get the manufacturers and the government to listen.  As for us, we are starting today…no more China made items…I realize that that will be hard..but life is hard…I see it as a Challenge!  A Challenge to Change…Maybe Obama will take notes!  LOL!


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