Growing Green! Hillbilly Style!

The Hillbillies are going green!  Join us as we find what works for us, the information we find and how we do!  Feel free to join in and follow along!  Keep an eye out for our new Green and Upcycled products!  We can create change!



One of our first changes to move to a greener lifestyle has been the addition of homemade laundry detergent. 

We have also put up a clothesline outside.  I’ve also started my new line of Clothespin Aprons to help you out if you decide to venture into the line dried laundry!  It makes your clothes, towels, and sheets smell SOOO good!  I love it! 

I have switched to cloth sanitary pads.  Yeah, I know…but you know, once I got up the courage to try them…(which honestly was 6 months after I made my first one), I was hooked!  No more irritation, a lighter period, fewer cramps…better for you and really suprisingly easy to clean and take care of!  My 12 yr old daughter started her period a few months ago..I made her some specifically for her, so she has never even used the disposable ones.  I hope to add them to my site soon!

We have started purchasing homemade soap locally.  We love it and once the store bought soap is gone, we won’t buy anymore.

I make my own granola and granola bars.  I’ll post the recipe later!

We use cloth shopping bags…I hate plastic bags and am trying to come up with ways to reuse them without them going into the landfills!  🙂

More later!


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